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Orion Vision Tourism is providing the best Dhow Cruise deals

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Are you planning to visit Dubai and want to know the best time for a stay in Dubai? Then first you need proper research after that plan your trip to Dubai. Orion Vision Tourism is providing the best package. It depends on you, what package you are choosing as a tourist.

Dubai has a vast reputation, where the heat is overwhelming. However, this is true, the summer in Dubai is quite a hard month to live. The temperatures in the summer can be really impressive. However, if you want to visit Dubai with excitement then first you need to book your package while visiting Orion Vision Tourism website. You can also book your desert safari or Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina.

The most crucial question is when you need to go?

Before embarking on a trip to Dubai, it is important to ask yourself when to go to Dubai. If you do not inquire before your departure and you choose to visit in the middle of summer, then you are taking a big risk.

Depending on your trip date, if you bear the heat, then you can go anytime. However, it is important to avoid your family trip especially in summer, because the weather is too hot there. If you travel in summer, it is imperative to book your activities quickly especially if you only stay for 3 or 4 days and you do not have much flexibility.

When can you book your Dubai trip?

The best time to go to Dubai is undoubtedly the winter season like the month of November, December, January, February, and March, as in these months you can enjoy your trip. You can also visit Cruise in Marina Dubai, Dubai shopping mall, desert and many beaches.

During the winter season, the temperatures often locate between 15 to 18 ° at night and between 25 and 30 ° in the daytime. It is therefore pleasant and ideal temperatures to visit Dubai without being oppressed by the heat.

The advantages of choosing Orion Vision Tourism

At Orion Vision Tourism, you will get any package at affordable prices because we know the importance of our clients. As a result, we never misguide our client like taking full payments and never provide a satisfactory result. Here are some features of choosing our service:

  • The prices are affordable.
  • You will get many points of interest.
  • You can customize your package.
  • We provide excellent service that will never miss up

Our package includes Dhow Cruise Dubai, desert safari, Hummer safari, city tour, Hatta Mountain safari and many more. However, one of the best entertainment options is to visit the Marina dhow cruise. Through booting, you can enjoy the best view and the luxurious site of Dubai.

Why you need to choose Dhow Cruise Dubai?

Those, who love water, beautiful nature and the night view of Dubai, they definitely love to choose Dubai Marina Dinner package. Cruise Dhow in Dubai, is a traditional Arab sailing boat, for a relaxing cruise that will amaze you in front of the panoramic views of Dubai’s spectacular skyline. The experience of this is the perfect way to discover the private beaches and huge skyscrapers that make this city special.

After a convenient management at your hotel, you will head to the Dubai Marina district and board a comfortable Dhow safari. You will leave the marina peacefully, by a light chop on the hull of your elegant boat. Take the opportunity to admire the beautiful beauty of the city and the extravagant hotels that dominate the golden sands of Jumeirah Beach.

Open your eyes to incredible architectural feats, like the Burj Al Arab Hotel or the impressive tower Burj Khalifa Tower, which is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world. You will pass the famous Palm Jumeirah, the largest artificial island in the world, whose west end is proudly occupied by Atlantis, the 5-star ocean-themed resort. Enjoy the refreshments offered on board the boat throughout the evening, then, once returned to the port, you will be returned safely to your hotel.


So if you are really interested to choose the Dubai Marina Dinner, then you can book your package directly, while contacting Orion Vision Tourism service.